Malaysia PWH Music Award 2015

PWH Music Award

Malaysia PWH Music Award 2015 is a major event for the local Chinese music scene which will be held at 23rd May 2015. This pretigious awards ceremony is organized by the Entertainment Journalists Association (also known as Persatuan Wartawan Hiburan Wilayah Persekutuan or PWHWP) – a group made up of respected entertainment journalists from the various Chinese dailies throughout Malaysia.

This year PWH Music Award is presented by vivo Smartphone at the same time supported by Redbox & Greenbox. Besides that, the ‘Originality Creation of Song Award’ will be rewrite to ‘Originality Creation of Album/ EP Award’ together with the addition of brand new award which is ‘The Most Local Popular Album Award’ to reward those singers and record companies who paid their heart in producing a quality album.

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